Saturday, 28 April 2012

Bowl of Tofu

If you are bored with tofu, there is one way to get around to cook tofu so you do not feel sick and tired of the taste and variety of cuisines, namely by following the recipe menu 'bowl of tofu'. This menu will not be difficult for you to prepare the necessary materials and process them, so that was easy to feel you are different dishes with the same material.
Some material in this menu similar to the previous menu ingredients, it makes no difference just different ways and proportion. On this occasion you will find one of the material content of this menu, the red tomato, because the other materials discussed in the previous menu, but easy to find good tomatoes in the market or supermarket, it is rich in vitamins A and C, in addition to It also contained lycopene in tomatoes that can overcome some chronic diseases such as preventing cancer, stroke, diarrhea, can help balance the system balance the human body, and so forth.
Did you know? Apparently tomatoes are best eaten with a mixture of other foods, because the research with processed tomatoes or cooked with other ingredients lycopene content will multiply rather than eaten directly. With it to get the maximum benefits of tomatoes one way to follow the recipe menu. Follow the recipe that has been there, hopefully you get a lot of benefits, not only of tomatoes alone, but from this menu as a whole.
a. Ingredients:
1) 400 g of white tofu, squeeze up to abrasive, destroy.
2) 50 g white crackers, fried until crispy, rough-rough squeeze.
3) 2 eggs, beaten and mixed.
4) 3 tablespoons water.
5) 20 lemon basil leaves.
6) 4 bay leaf.
7) cooking oil for greasing.
1) 8 red onions.
2) 4 cloves of garlic.
3) 1 teaspoon salt.
• Seasonings sliced:
1) 3 stalks lemongrass, take the base of 8 cm, thinly sliced.
2) 2 scallions, thinly sliced.
3) 2 red chilies, cut into oblique 1/2 cm.
4) 1 fruit (50 g) red tomatoes, seeded and diced.
b. How to Make:
1) Mix the know, crackers, eggs, water, basil, spices, and seasonings iris. Stir well.
2) Grease a heat-resistant bowl with cooking oil, put bay leaves in the bottom of the bowl. Fill out the dough. Steam until cooked (30 minutes).