Thursday, 9 February 2012

Drinks Vegetarian Recipes (pandan leaf tea)

Drinks vegetarian recipes is one alternative if we are saturated with water limited drinks. Because the emphasis vegetarian menu ingredients are completely natural derived from plants, not animal products, canned, processed or with hazardous chemicals. So here we will discuss recipes drink of pandan leaves.Pandan leaves we have seen are usually widely used as fragrances in food, rice,natural food colorings and other dishes, it has a healthy variety of content and very good for the body. Many people do not know about this so they only know if it can only be created as a complement and not know that there are benefits in the pandan. Some of the content of the pandan include alkaloids, saponins, flavonoidpolyphenols and tannins. Another addition to the menu at pandan tea is also usedas a material lemongrass. Contains essential oils in lemongrass, geraniol, sitral and various levels of natural substances that are good for the body.
A. Materials
1. 350 ml of water
2. 1 pandan leaves, cut into pieces
3. 2 stalks lemongrass, until at last a thin tie them together
4. 2 cloves of ginger, at up to thin
5. ¼ tea spoon of sugar
6. honey
B. How to make
Boil all the ingredients are available to the boil, except the honey. Once boiling, reduce heat and cover and simmer for another 15 minutes. Lift and strain results. In warm conditions more enjoyable. Do not forget to add honey to fitness. Good luck.


jeremy said...

You can add lemon on this too. Taste even better.

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