Friday, 10 February 2012

Drinks Vegetarian Recipes (spice tea)

Spice tea is a blend of all spices complete. Generally, people today prefer these drinks ion body stamina enhancer, alcoholic beverages, carbonated drinks and other beverages. Indeed, the drink will taste delicious when you eat. Such as alcohol, we know the effects of alcohol can damage the liver, the stomach can interfere with work systems, high in sugar and calories and much more negative effects of alcohol on our bodies. By eating vegetarian beverages, our lives would be better, it's also no less enjoyable, as well as a heated body can. The content of the complete spice tea is very rich in both substance for the body, such as pepper. Pepper contains piperine which benefit the body as a remedy against cholera, chronic gonorrhea, as a body fat burners and much better effects of pepper for us.

A. 700 ml of water
2. 5 pieces of black pepper
3. 5 pieces of cardamom
4. 4 pieces of cloves
5. 2 inch piece of cinnamon bark
6. 1 inch ginger root, grow, and trimmed

How to Treat:
Wash all the ingredients. Heat the water with pepper, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon and ginger over medium heat for 40 minutes. Do not boil. Lift and filtered. Serve while warm and add honey to add to the enjoyment.