Thursday, 2 February 2012


Obesity is the most feared of every human being. If this continues, will likely be a lot of things we do not want to happen to our bodies. Such as the emergence of various diseases. With a large body condition, we will tend to be lazy to do a thing.

In such circumstances it would be very vulnerable to the emergence of a variety of illnesses from mild to severe. Obesity is a state increase in size accompanied by increased body fat mass of our body weight as well. But the difference with increasing mass of our body weight due to exercise or fitness activity, which increases the muscle mass like John Cena or Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Obesity is centralized or centralized distribution of fat in the abdomen is usually called central obesity.

Value of intake of calories consumed is greater than the calories burned or removed is one of the causes of obesity. Like we were saving, if we continue to fill it and rarely persistent we take, then the numbers will remain much. In this case the same, but the difference if we tube is money, while in the process of obesity is fat. One of the causes of obesity are other factors is genetic or hereditary factors. As with diabetes, the risk is also higher if we have a blood relationship with the patient, for example from grandfather, or our father. On genetic factors, the production of the hormone leptin in their fat cells are very low, whereas leptin is functioning suppress the increased number of fat cells and suppress excessive appetite. In addition, other obesity factor is hormonal factors. That disruption of hormone systems that work on the body such as inhibition of insulin, impaired thyroid hormone production and increased production of adrenal glands hormones glukokortiroid by. Risks of obesity are prone to various diseases, including:
1. vascular disorders, it is a trigger for coronary heart disease, stroke and even affecting the blood vessels in the brain.
2. inhibition of metabolic disorders like insulin, increased levels of triglycerides and high cholesterol.
3. disorders of the bones and nerves in the bones causing gout.
4. a variety of cancers
5. shortness of breath
obesity syndrome mostly attacked the men who will enter retirement or after does not work. Possibly due to the activity began to decrease, and eating it like when they were actively working. Accumulation in men usually occurs in front of the abdomen, whereas in women usually occurs at the waist and thighs.

To address excess fat deposits that should reduce the intake of excess calories by choosing foods and cooking process correctly. Consume lots of fresh fruit, drink water to reproduce. The balance of other nutrients such as protein, vitamin or mineral. Reducing alcohol or cigarettes. Reducing the dinner, try the range of eating and sleeping for 2 hours. In the sense that we eat, before the two hours we are not required to sleep, because the metabolic processes in the digestive tract after we eat is not fully completed, so the process of the stomach will back up and interfere with the performance of enzymes in the stomach. This would be very dangerous if you have symptoms of heartburn.

For vegetarians, the habit is good for the body are not difficult. But for non-vegetarian, this would be a little more difficult. Another suggestion is to do sports activities ranging from mild such as walking, cycling, or gymnastics. After the exercise, of course we will feel fresh, muscular stomach feels light and certainly will not feel hungry. This certainly should be done routinely. For seniors or elderly, should avoid all foods that contain lots of sugar and saturated fats, in addition to obesity, but will also greatly increase the risk of blood sugar and bad cholesterol in your body.