Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Sense Amplifier

Sense amplifier is more commonly called flavor is a material used for a tasty meal or give the impression of pleasure felt in the tongue. For the people of Asia, mostly during cooking do not forget to always use this flavor. Flavor can be distinguished between natural and artificial. A naturally derived from spices, herbs and even comes from the fruit, while those made from mixtures of chemicals such as MSG (monosodium glutamate) or mononatrium glutamate.

Most of us may often use flavor of MSG. MSG was first introduced in Japan in 1909 by the company Ajinomoto. Simple addition, we also do not need we have to make or grind the spices first. It does not have far to go to the market first, MSG found in many small shops in the form of sachets. We simply add on all the foods and dishes that we make. Should we as consumers are aware, all the instant case there is always a risk. Likewise with the use of MSG. The effects may not occur to us.

MSG is made from molasses from the juice is fermented by bacteria brevibacterium lactofermentum with a mixture of chicken or beef. MSG can also be modified into a variety of flavors. Such as roast beef, grilled chicken or other flavors. We must know what effects arising from this MSG. Most common in studies conducted is the risk of killing brain cells, nerve disorders, parkinson's and autism, as Dr. Russell Blaylock. On another occasion also test on rats. Within a few days the mice suffered nerve damage and retinal eye. Consumption of MSG can also cause obesity. The most susceptible and vulnerable are children. Currently snacks for children there are almost 70% more MSG content. Still a lot of natural flavor enhancer that is no less delicious. The amplifier can be obtained naturally from fruit juice. Lemon ranging from skin until the contents can be used as an amplifier wide variety of foods. Here's a list of natural reinforcing material that can be used as an alternative:
- Mustard, etc.
There are still many natural ways that do not disturb our health. Our lives depend on ourselves. Living a natural healthy desire of each human being. Grateful for the vegetarians who never eat processed foods are harmful. Leave it to consume poison that can kill you slowly.