Saturday, 25 February 2012

Tofu Sandwich

Sandwich is a modern-looking dishes. This sandwich can be equated with food such as hamburgers, pizza, and spaghetti, but I will share this time is a sandwich with a special recipe for vegetarian, the tofu sandwich. One ingredient of this sandwich is carrots and lettuce. We must know the content of the carrots. People who have low vision usually eat carrots as a snack, because of the carrots are very good for the eyes, this is due to vitamin A in carrots are very high, carrots also contain anti-oxidants, potassium and vitamin C. While lettuce contains antioxidants that can overcome cancer and vitamin rich.

a. 4 pieces of tofu the size of 5x4, 5 inch, fried until dry, cut diagonally, cut it off
b. 4 sheets of curly lettuce
c. 150 grams of carrots, peeled, cut into small pieces
d. 150 grams of cucumber, seeded, cut into small pieces
e. 1 red tomatoes, cut crosswise
f. 2 tablespoons cooking oil

a. 3 red onions, cut into pieces
b. 2 cloves garlic, cut.
c. 5 red chilies, seeded, cut into pieces
d. 50 grams of red tomatoes, cut into pieces
e. 2 teaspoons brown sugar, sliced
f. ¼ teaspoon salt

How to make:
a. heat the cooking oil, spices saute until fragrant, then remove.
b. open parts of the idea, spread evenly in the hemisphere. Place the lettuce, carrots, cucumbers and tomatoes. And serve with your family.