Tuesday, 7 February 2012


Water is the source of the earth's most vital. We also know, 2/3 part of the earth is an ocean that does not consist of water. Our lives could not be separated from the water. Started drinking, washing, bathing, sleeping up to us we still need the water. For some vegetarians may also use water instead of calories in the body.
All cells in our body are in great need of water to smooth metabolism. Water in the body is the main component, there are about 60% of the total weight of the human body. Ideally a human in a day are required to drink about 1.5 liters of water for smooth metabolism in the body. By drinking water, many benefits can be felt our bodies. No need to pay for expensive health. Consumption of water a day can change everything in our bodies. Water content is better and healthier than the water being sold by certain ion content as on advertising on television, as required by our bodies are pure water (H2O), not water or ion content of certain vitamins. Without us knowing very much the effect of water on our bodies. Among others:
1. as a refresher after a full day's activity, the body will feel refreshed after drinking water.
2. clear their digestive tract, such as a lubricant water vehicles, which can launch all of the flow in the body.
3. water can also be a killer of germs and harmful substances of solvent that enter the body.
4. as an addition to the body's energy
5. as a solvent and the destroyer of bad fats in the body
6. healthy organs like the heart, intestines, skin, respiratory system and so on
When the levels of water content in our body is low, then it is called dehydration. The thing done is to increase the intake of fluids in the body. Symptoms of dehydration include dizziness, lethargy, weakness, heavy body. In the end it is hard to urinate, and the body will have trouble removing metabolic waste and toxins. The lightest is only suffering from urinary tract infections, and the most severe condition is death. Although the dry conditions we also have to drink water to avoid dehydration at all this, as did the bushmen tribe in the film Gods must be crazy. Despite a drop but it is very meaningful to our bodies.

Water shortage is not recommended, but the excess water is also harmful to the body. Drinking lots of water can cause hypothermia, a condition in which reduced sodium levels in the blood, sodium is required when the muscle contraction and nerve impulse transmission. If too much water in the body, the kidney is difficult to remove metabolic waste in the body.

Of water we can already see the effects of a body good. Perhaps for those who have regular water diet, but for the non vegetarians this can as a reference for leading a healthy life. Not continue to use alcohol or soft drinks that we know effect to the body at a later date. Hope it helps.