Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Bowels and Gastric Digestion

Bowels and gastric digestion is a very important tool for all mankind. The benefits of a vegetarian diet is also very influential for health and hygiene in the intestinesand stomach. The human digestive system, from prehistoric times designed tocultivate vegetables, not processed meat foods and so on. Fruits, vegetables,legumes and nuts provide the kind of dietary fiber is good for our digestion. Cannedand processed products are loaded with hormones and antibiotics, is actually not good for our bodies.

At the time of the digestive system is not functioning and working properly, then the affected part of disease and changes in DNA that are affected first in the stomach and intestinal cells. When we do not get enough fiber we need, we will suffer a number of digestive disorders, such as constipation and hemorrhoids. Usually we are required to eat fruits such as papaya or banana, because in both the fruit cannormalize colonic functions in the large intestine absorbs water and pectin can also produce substances that can turn harmful bacteria into bacteria that are good for the body. These diseases and syndromes are very rare for the vegetarians than meateaters.

Various other diseases of the colon that is rare in vegetarians include irritable bowel syndrome, and ulcerative colitis are chronic, susceptibility due to fiber content in a vegetarian diet is too high, of course, a diet high in dietary fiber derived from a vegetarian diet will reduce the likelihood or risk stricken with colon cancer.

When you consider the risks that come with a diet that includes meat and animal products, there are benefits you move into a vegetarian. Are you unsure if a burger or chicken fillet is very good for your body? Would not at least make sense toreplace the portion size and proportion of meat dishes with vegetables?