Saturday, 7 January 2012


Veal or young beef animal is very much demand, this is because the taste is generated will be very different, seem more sweet to the tongue. There are few who argue and issues more attractive to a vegetarian diet of beef and how it is produced. While the meat industry, in fact cruel and inhumane, the beef industry is the worst.

The calf cow babies taken from their mothers. they were kept locked in a cage that prevents movement more, to keep their muscles remain soft. To produce beef that seems good, usually the breeders give a special supplement, the calves were fed a liquid iron deficiency and anemia in fibers that create the animal.

Giving a narrow cage where they acquire a short life, creating a very significant level of chronic stress for the animals, and they were then given a supplement that is much higher than drugs that are harmful to humans. Narrow confinement makes them weak and often unable to stand. We treat criminals who have committed the most violent crimes may be more humane but we treat innocent calves are very cruel.

Why are some people really want to eat meat but do not pay attention to the suffering of animals? What is your culinary experience that is very useful about the animals, especially cows, when he knows the process like that?

When I was about 20 weeks, the calf and then slaughtered. All the meat we eat has been produced through a process of mass slaughter. Their lives are so inhumane and their death is not humane, too, besides that it becomes less healthy for our consumption. The beef industry is a prime example of this. Changing to a vegetarian diet not only is a much more healthy for it to live in balance with the earth is absolutely necessary. This may be one thing centuries ago since prehistoric times for hunting meat, as this is a means to survive. In an age like today, mass production of beef is less guarded about the health and safety of consumers. Plus the growing number of diseases in farm animals such as cattle, including foot and mouth disease