Friday, 6 January 2012


Turkey in the United States from year to year more and more consuming. It's no longer consumed, especially during Thanksgiving and Christmas, but throughout the year increasing. The process of mass production of turkeys for human consumption not more than the mass production of chicken.

Turkeys kept in cramped cages, darkened room to prevent aggressive behavior that occurs naturally when the animal kept closed with no room to roam and feed freely.They glut to the point where their legs can not support the weight of breast tissue. And this animal that usually has a life span of 9-11 years are generally slaughtered at the age of about 2 years.

In unsanitary conditions and overcrowded means that many diseases are widely spread among turkeys, resulting in approximately 2.7 million turkey dead in their cages every year. Deformed legs, heat stress and starvation caused by the inability of adult birds to find food and water troughs are common. Ulcerated feet and hock burns are common - which is caused by direct contact continuously with waste contaminated by the urine and feces.

Can you actually sit down at dinner on your next vacation and see a roast turkey with a turkey that way of life as described above? Turkeys come with the same recommendations for cleanliness and cook the chicken did. You should make sure they are cooked to a certain temperature to ensure that any disease-causing bacteria really dead and murdered. You must clean up any counter space with bleach, once again to kill all bacteria.

The following incident is interesting to switch to a vegetarian diet is not it? Can be seen at dinner vegetarian, nut bread and vegetables, not meat, it seems more plausible, not only from a health standpoint, but from a human problem as well. Why do we persist in eating such a way that makes us inherently unhealthy and bad for us? For the next holiday dinner, consider the possibility of all-vegetarian menu. So many vegetable-based foods to start with small changes to replace the turkey.