Sunday, 22 January 2012


Milk consumed by most countries in the world, including some among the vegetarians still consume most dairy products, but here there are many compelling reasons to eliminate dairy products from our diet.

Various types of milk on the market have been widely circulated among others, can prevent osteoporosis, but recent clinical research shows that it is not a guarantee can prevent or restore from the rottenness of the bones, and has not been tested in detail against the bone. Increase consumption of green leafy vegetables like spinach, kale and beans, plus the exercise activity is proven to make our bones strong and dense.

Dairy products contain lots of fat and cholesterol in the diet, which may increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. Unless the milk produced from plant extracts such as soya milk is widely consumed pure Indonesian society. Low-fat vegetarian diet that eliminates dairy products, motor activity is enough, not too much stress and quitting smoking will not only help prevent heart disease, will make our body fit and healthy young.

We'll often hear the milk in which the bacteria live Sakazakii, a type of bacteria that can cause inflammation of the lining of the brain and intestinal inflammation in infants. In Indonesia many children milk or baby formula that contains bacteria. Milk also can not provide a consistent source, except for D in it. Effects of excess vitamin D in the blood can be toxic that causes calcium deposits in soft tissues of the body.

In addition, the substances contained in them such as milk proteins, sugar, milk fat, and saturated fat in dairy products may pose health risks for children at the age of growth and can make the development of chronic diseases such as diabetes mellitus, obesity and the formation of plaque which can be inhibit the circulatory system that can lead to chronic heart disease.

We ought to choose to consume naturally nutrient-dense foods, like nuts, seeds, fruits, vegetables, including juices. We can meet all the requirements of calcium, potassium and vitamin D your body though not with milk.