Wednesday, 11 January 2012


Osteoporosis is a condition where we have thinning bones. In general this osteoporosis attack at old age, but did not rule can also attack the teenager. Do you know how fast osteoporosis can strike the vegetarian and non vegetarian?

Activity diet high in protein, especially animal protein, tend to cause the body to excrete more calcium, oxalate, and uric acid. All three of these substances is a major component of the growth of kidney stones. British researchers have suggested that people with a tendency of developing kidney stones should follow a vegetarian diet. American Academy of Family Physicians notes that high animal protein intake of most of the many forms of kidney stones. In the United States and other developed countries has recommended restrictions on high animal protein for the prevention of kidney stones.

Very much beneficial for vegetarians, because vegetarians are at lower risk for osteoporosis. Many dairy products or other foods mentioned biases prevent or cure osteoporosis, but not completely it can happen immediately, in it is much mixed with various ingredients of certain substances, so the possibility can prevent or cure is very small. Calcium products are not only found in meat and milk. Legumes such as peas, red beans. Vegetables are rich in calcium, such as collards, kale and spinach. Tofu and tempeh are also a good source of calcium. We also may have seen Popeye cartoons, where the refractive power of the bones to be strong by eating spinach vegetables. hehehehehe

When we consume meat, and at the same time we also consume supplements or medications to prevent osteoporosis, it is so not good for the body, because the side effects are very dangerous. Most experts agree that calcium supplements are very good that comes from natural food sources.