Thursday, 5 January 2012

Why should I be vegetarian?

Why should I be vegetarian? If you've eaten meat and animal products your whole life, you may be thinking, why switch to a vegetarian diet? If most of your life eating eggs, hamburgers, hot dogs, poultry, so why switch now?

There may be many reasons to switch. Begin by looking in the mirror. Do you have a healthy weight and standard? Do you look and feel good most of the time? Do you get up the energy? Or do you feel after waking up tired and sluggish?

How is your health in general? Is your blood pressure within normal range? Does cholesterol and blood sugar at normal pressure? If not, consider what you eat every day.

How do you feel after eating? Do you feel energized, as if you have feed your body what it needs? Or are you tired and dragged out? Do you often need a nap after eating? Is that what food is supposed to do for us, makes us tired and sleepy?

Not really. Food should nourish and feed the body and leave us energized and refreshed. The human body is a machine and needs fuel to keep running in peak condition. When we are fat, with high blood pressure, type II diabetes, high cholesterol and other unhealthy conditions, it's like a car engine that is not set up or not running at the optimal type of gasoline needed to run efficiently. Your body is the same way. Need the proper fuel to run at peak efficiency, and when you eat high-fat meat, or meat that had been given antibiotics throughout his life, it's just not the type of fuel the human body evolved to run on.

Try eating vegetarian for a week or a month. See if you do not feel different, more mentally acute and more physically fit and energy. At least reverse the portion sizes you've eaten, and makes the meat more than a side dish, if you can not stop eating meat altogether. Even small changes can make a big difference in your overall health and well-being. Try to feel all the difference.