Monday, 23 January 2012

Vegetarian for family

Vegetarian for family unity are two inseparable. Behavior vegetarians also strongly influenced by the surrounding environment, starting from the family environment. Especially if you as a parent and have a lot of baby. We would also want our children get a healthy and balanced life. Granted it's all better starting at the age young people, especially at the age of the children. It is also our duty as parents in addition to helping develop the physical, mental and spiritual lives of our children.

This is very difficult and hard for us to educate the baby and the environment so that our family to become vegetarians. Especially for the kids will feel heavy. Due to the culture in which our children will be filled with advertisements, messages or teachings of a variety of media. Like fast food ads, which offered a clown figure with his trademark motto and song, or by giving gifts to the children after making a purchase of certain packages of fast food.

The task for us as parents to slowly change not only our own diet, but our families too. One example by starting to fill our fridge with healthy foods such as local fruits such as apples or bananas or other fruits, can we alternated every few days. Reduce the portion of meat by combining it with nuts, or by mixing several types of vegetables. Changing the side dishes are so highly processed fats with grains and so on.

We as parents do not make drastic changes. Because it can make them directly appetite change, or even if their children on the child moody or even strike to eat. Do not give up easily. Perform a gradual, so they are not aware of changes to their diet. For children, they would really like and enjoyed the animals or animal cartoon characters like Donald duck or Shaun the sheep. Talk to them about eating in a way that is not cruel to animals.

Your behavior towards them can help them habits for life. Reducing obesity rates around the world from year to year higher. We also help ensure a more prosperous life is born and can continue the health of our children and grandchildren someday.