Friday, 6 January 2012


Pork or processed food made from pigs many people refused for religious reasons or health reasons. When people start eating more vegetarian foods, red meat isusually the first thing their they eliminate from your diet. When they do, the various indicators of general health began to improve, such as their cholesterol levels and blood pressure readings are beginning to stabilize. Health is one of themost compelling reasons to eat vegetarian, but the inhumane treatment of animalsare mass produced for human consumption is another reason many people who refuse carnivore or a vegetarian diet.

Pig farms follow the same process by raising chickens and other farm animals. The pigs are kept in small crates with minimal movement. They eat too much so Theycan slaughter more quickly. Their living conditions dirty and they will become eat for weight loss stimulate growth hormone and antibiotics to ward off diseases that result from the conditions of their lives.

They were the resource persons forced to live in unnatural conditions and they showed signs of chronic stress produced by other animals for human food as well. They chew the bars of their cages or worry about excessive water bottle. Giving limited movement prevents natural rooting behavior for a pig.

Care and pig farms require a very high costs, and we pay high prices for red meateating pork and other pork. Basically we are not made to eat meat. Our teeth are not developed for ripping and tearing flesh, our canines are not used to it. We evolved from herbivores and it is still a better way for us to eat. when we eliminate meat, red meat and other animal products from our diet, our body will get healthier, more lean and fit, less tired and sluggish. And there are additional psychological benefit of knowing this is all that we do not contribute to the suffering of innocent animals.