Sunday, 29 January 2012

Food Preservatives

Food preservatives often we encounter around us. Even we ourselves do not realize that we also use it everyday. At first glance when seen and compared with other foods also no significant difference. But the truth is very harmful to our bodies. Can we imagine if our bodies are infiltrated by dangerous substances.

Indeed we do not know if the foods we buy contain lots of it all. Food preservatives is a group of food additives which are inert to the body that is not harmful if consumed in small-scale effective. The use of preservatives is not limited to food alone, especially in industries like pharmaceuticals and cosmetics that are in the market. Use of the health of the pharmaceutical field is limited in the number and type used.

So many kinds of food preservatives. Now not only food products that are found various kinds of preservatives, but the preservative is also found in some types of fruit. It is widely found in fruits imported. We know that if imports are transported by boat takes longer than 2 days. While the nature of the fresh fruits with vitamin that can last a maximum of only 1-2 days. The rest of the fruit will experience decreased levels of both substances contained in it, even decay can occur. Examples of preservatives are common in the community eg formalin. The use of formalin is actually specific to the outside of the body, generally the use of formalin as pest killers, embalming, the manufacture of plastics and other plant uses. Short-term effects can include nausea, vomiting, eye pain and dizziness. Long-term effects can include disruption of the stomach, intestines and even cancer. Another example is borax. Another name borax is Sodium biborat. Borax is also used to actually outside the body, such as cockroach repellent, toilet cleaning fluid and bathroom cleaners other pests. Short-term effects are usually headache, nausea, and abdominal pain. The most dangerous effects are impaired liver function, kidney, even to death. Both examples of preservatives are usually found in the manufacture of fish balls, beef balls to make it more supple and durable. Making basic noodles are also many who use borax, or to preserve other foodstuff to which many traders make a profit

Living in modern times we as consumers are also advised to sort out which foods are good for our bodies. Vegetarians are very small chance to always get caught up in consuming processed foods or processed meat which has preserved a few days. Very happy it feels to have a healthy body with a small risk of suffering from various diseases.