Sunday, 8 January 2012

The types of vegetarians

The types of vegetarian are numerous, some of the categories determined by the abstinence of food consumed. Perhaps many people think vegetarians only partially composed of one homogeneous group that just do not eat meat. But it is very wrong.There are various categories of vegetarians for various reasons.

Vegetarians are generally defined as someone who does not eat meat. But that fact does not fit as envisaged, due to the fact that vegetarians can eat products such as milk, eggs and cheese. As lacto ovo vegetarians ie they consume plant materials do not eat meat, fish or poultry, but they consume eggs, milk or cheese. Group lacto vegetarians consume plant materials but they also consume dairy products and cheese, but do not consume eggs.

Vegan vegetarian groups do not consume animal products or ingredients of processed products, including milk or cheese. They only eat vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and nuts. They also do not consume animal products, such as leather, milk or other organs. Vegan group also did not use white sugar because most of the bleaching process the color of sugar derived from animal bones.

There are several other categories of vegetarian groups, such as Pollo vegetarians.It can be said to be vegetarian vegetarian lowest class, true to say that if they consume vegetable products, but they are also given moment they also consume meat, milk or eggs. There is another community Fruitarians vegetarian, they eat only fruit. The reason is that fruits, like tomatoes, that growth does not need to be planted but the tomatoes to create a food source. They consider how to eat the most balanced and harmony with the earth is a natural way of eating.

The above categories such as vegetables, fruits and nuts are cooked first pass process. There are also consumes only eat raw foods or picked from the tree. It is based on the assumption that the process of cooking or processing food most of the nutrients in it will be lost, and to get all the nutritional value contained in the vitamins and amino acids from food, should be consumed raw, or juiced. If you must undergo a process of cooked first, nutrients, proteins and vitamins will decrease as the heating process.

When you go on a diet of one of the above, then you will get positive results from your body, but it would certainly be better if you get all the necessary proteins and vitamins that you need to maintain good body health, especially muscle and heart health you.