Saturday, 7 January 2012

Eating and animal suffering

Eating and animal suffering, it is very closely related. What is the reason we eat food? At a glance was like a silly question, because we eat the initial function is to provide intake in our body. Not a few of us also obtain an emotional gratification when we eat, and humans themselves are omnivores, meaning we eat everything, including meat and plants.

Many compelling reasons for us to be heading toward a vegetarian diet, many of them understand that it is very good for health. However, many people refuse to eat meat because of inhumane treatment of animals are mass produced. Mass-scale farms, such as the U.S. that meet people's consumption is a strange and cruel. When you eat meat, you eat the flesh of animals whose lives have been changed and should not be given prior to intake, supplement intake at the slaughterhouse.They are kept in small cages, so that the lives of the animals become easily stressed. There are after giving birth, their baby is taken, there is sometimes a day after their birth. They are fed growth hormones and antibiotics constantly and should not live their normal lives. Pigs are not allowed to root. Calves kept moving. Hens kept in cages, their beaks seared with a hot knife to burn to thwart the aggressive behavior that is inhumane acts.

We know, suffering and stress that they face in their lives will also be experienced by every cell of their bodies as well. If you think rationally that depression and stress can make people sick, it can infect the muscles and organs. Whether animals are also not experienced the same thing? We do not need meat or milk to survive. We no longer a hunting society such as prehistoric times, our consumer society only the top level.

It is time we started thinking for the body and our life in a healthy walk. We evolved from herbivores, but now we have strayed from the path of our own evolution. Indeed, during ancient times, gathering, hunting and eating meat when it's the only way to survive, but that is no longer the case today because now has abundant natural wealth, and the time the animals should live in the wild to breed and avoid extinction.