Friday, 6 January 2012

Chicken coop and hormones

Chicken coop and hormones, both of these are can not be separated. In broiler farms and layer chickens will always be found every few months old, will be injected certain hormones. The hormone is not due to sick chickens or chickens to maintain health, but to stimulate the eggs and meat in order to produce the appropriate bias to the will of the breeder and get lucky a lot.

Unless the agency or the government has certified and labeled as free of certain hormones or organic or natural, but they may have been given growth hormones to get them to slaughter faster, and antibiotics to combat the diseases that come from being raised in cramped and conditions are also less net.

How and what are the recommendations of the most touching poultry breeders after their pets? It is recommended for cleaning surfaces with bleach or soap to remove bacteria, and to wash hands thoroughly after touching the chicken to all parts of their bodies. Especially now also has a lot of spread of poultry diseases, such as avian influenza (H5N1) that can be transmitted from a fellow poultry and from poultry to humans through saliva, feces lenders and sick birds and even the bias through the air contaminated by the H5N1 virus that originated from the feces sick birds

If you have this, do you really want to put something into your body with as stated above? Perhaps by way of cooking with a certain temperature to kill all the bacteria, but may also contain animal protein has also been lost because the content is if heated at high temperatures can be also be missing.

Poultry has become mass-produced and cattle injected with antibiotics and hormones that there is no taste for it anymore, so why bother? How to cut the chicken is also less healthy. Once the chicken is cut on a cutting machine, usually chicken was thrown and collected over several days. Can you really consider eating chicken with a vision in your head right now?                                                                          

Production of animals for human consumption seems quite cruel, especially in that way, and not healthy for humans as well. Even if one argues that humans are natural hunters, how nature can provide something that smells of hormones? Do you still do not want to be a vegetarian?