Sunday, 22 January 2012


Seafood is an excellent source of protein. Especially for young and old-growth period. It is common knowledge that the content contained in seafood among others contain omega 3. Omega 3 fatty acids are healthy that can help lower triglyceride levels, helps reduce cholesterol, reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack, and for the period of growth, this is very good omega 3 to help improve brain function. You may want to reduce the risk of cancer can run in your family, and eliminating red meat from your diet is an important way to do this. Perhaps by consuming seafood this is an alternative to red meat. Do you agree?

Perhaps we often see the news and shows on television and print media regarding the erosion of the ozone layer which have an impact on all living beings on this planet, including the plankton in the ocean, or on the tanker that sank and spilled oil spread across the surface of the sea, and most recently on Costa Concordia sinking luxury liner in which there are thousands of liters of fuel are difficult to be issued. Or about the garbage dumped into the sea. We also know the levels of mercury contained in a variety of seafood is very dangerous for our lives, especially in pregnant women, the risk of defects is very high if actually ingested. Plankton is the food of small marine animals. In the food chain, plankton are at the lowest position. We can imagine if the whole plankton mercury impacted or affected by the oil spill at sea. Not to mention the pollution caused by offshore oil drilling. The whole will be contaminated with various sea creatures such waste. We also know the effects for all aspects of life.

Human groups is difficult to escape from fish and other seafood, as seafood has a texture and content of which is almost the same as meat and poultry animals. The flesh of fish is the last alternative after we eliminate red meat, but the risk in the future we know the consequences. If you have realized the benefits of a vegetarian, then it's really a small step to building a healthy life in the future. Imagine how good you are at the present condition and future and for all your descendants.