Thursday, 12 January 2012


Detoxification is a cleansing harmful toxins in the body of one's much talked about all the circles on this. But it is rarely found in a vegetarian. Everyone would not like it when the body there are dangerous toxins that could one day attack the vital organs and makes the patient becomes ill or even cause death. Basically the toxins found in many carnivorous diet products. Foods that contain lots of fat and processed foods tend to slow down the digestive system and metabolic processes go uninterrupted.

These events can lead to harmful bacteria and toxins that accumulate and can lower the level of aggressiveness in ourselves as well as a number of digestive disorders, such as irritable bowel syndrome. When we have become a vegetarian, in our bodies are rich in natural fiber from a variety of foods that we consume. Also all the automatic intake of vitamins is always fulfilled. Beverages are usually advertised on television and print media that he can carry a lot of fiber digestion and is very dangerous, because there are many specific substances. More over, very dangerous for pregnant women because most of these drinks contain aspartame.

When you reduce and eliminate the high fat content and eliminating processed foods, it will be a lot of energy your body will be a lot less to digest these foods. We also know the process in our bodies there is a peristaltic motion. This movement also need power and energy levels to promote foods with high fat and meat. Differences with the vegetarians, may be consumed only in the form of vegetables and fruits. Of course it is also very rare bacteria as well as compounds that are toxic and harmful to our bodies.

In an age of sophisticated, advanced and modern all-round this course many emerging new chemicals that are found. So it's a chore for us to be more careful which ones deserve and worthy of our consumption. Various toxins and compounds that are not well sprung. Starting from the air pollution and water pollution in the environment even close to us do not get out of it. Drugs that may often we consume it we him no matter who might be good for us can cause long-term effects, such as sleeping pills, tranquilizers and others. Long term effects could be cancer and cardiovascular disease. Perhaps the immediate symptoms of obesity, such as headache, cough, skin problems, digestive problems, and the weakness of our immune system. This was associated with toxicity. When you switch to a vegetarian, then at least you have love in your body, inhibiting the onset of disease and toxins that will develop in your body.